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Review: Chaos by Adele Huxley

Review: Chaos by Adele Huxley

Review:  Chaos by Adele Huxley 
Chaos: A New Adult Fantasy Romance by Adele Huxley
Published by Self Published on May 27 2015
Pages: 540
Source: Provided by Author
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Two men. A difficult choice. Even the gods may not survive her decision.
It's the beginning of the end... and no one knows it. An infection spreads through the natural order and Earth's only hope hinges on the descendants of the original Greek gods.
Raegan Marshall thought she was alone in the world. She'd never met anyone who could also manipulate time...until Mason Wray. The devastatingly handsome Englishman waltzed into her life, kissed her like no one ever had before, and tried to undo it by time shifting. Imagine his surprise when she didn't rewind with the rest of the world!
No sooner do they meet, they become aware of a growing darkness in the world. It threatens not only their abilities, but all life on this planet. Chaos is spreading. One night Raegan meets the person behind this force: Adam Bourdelle. Blond, lean, with piercing blue eyes, Raegan is drawn to him on the deepest of levels. Seductively dangerous, Adam sees a side of Raegan she's kept concealed from everyone, even Mason.
As their struggle takes them from Britain to Saudi Arabia, America to the beaches of Thailand, Raegan must come to terms with the source of her powers. She will have to accept or deny the deepest part of her being and ultimately, who will hold her heart. Will she be able to fight through the inner turmoil and accept who she really is? Will anything be left of this world by the time she does?
This standalone novel contains adult language, sexual situations, and is intended only for adults!

Ever have a dream where you are on a roller coaster ride and it keeps going and going and it’s not fun anymore because it doesn’t end.  That’s how I felt about this book.  It was interesting to start out with and kept me turning the page, but towards the middle of the book, I was ready to move on as there was a constant obstacles for the characters to overcome again and again and again.  I’ve read other books by Adele Huxley that have been good, but this book is not one of my favorites.


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