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Review: A Soldier Never Quits by Storm Savage

Dubbed Pussywillow by her men, Willow is a single, independent Femdomme who takes wounded soldiers into her arms for intense therapy. Under her sexy heels and beneath her black leather crop, these deserving men find acceptance, admiration and love while satisfying her secret fetish.
Willow maintains a small circle of elite men to serve and protect. Her exclusive troop of hunky, disciplined soldiers eagerly rise to the call of duty to gain her favor. In her arms, healing begins, and no man is left behind. She loves the men who gave their all.
Mason Driller is a new recruit in Willow’s private army. Gorgeous, sweetly submissive and a superior lover, Mason goes above and beyond to move up the ranks, seeking to make Willow his own. He connects with her as no other man has, and together they wage war against demons of the past. Willow has avoided emotional entanglements all her life, but her new hot lover might change the rules, as a true soldier never quits.

Willow suffered abuse when she was younger, now she is a FemDomme who takes wounded soldiers into her arms for intense therapy. She does this to help the soldiers deal with their PTSD from war and to help herself deal with her past abuse. She has experienced many different feelings for the soldiers but tries to not get her heart involved. She has seem some of the soldiers return to their families while others are never accepted back, she feels the least she can do is help these soldiers and by helping them she is helping herself.  This was an interesting story not something I would normally have read but it was a good short read. 

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